Our Story

We are Angelo & Diana  we are a couple from South American couple but Gold Coast is our home since 2013.

We both have built careers in hospitality… Me, Angelo, as a passionate international chef, and my wife Diana, as a customer service superstar!

Having traveled and worked around the world, building great gastronomic knowledge and discovering amazing new flavors, we decided to build our own brand and introduce a new concept in the catering service.

Seaviche was born to show locals what we love the most: our Latin heritage, family, fresh food, and seafood… of course!

But…what is Seaviche?

Ceviche is Peru’s most iconic dish. This popular seafood dish claims origins in Lima, but you can find different versions in many coastal areas throughout South America. Ceviche traditionally consists of rawfish marinated in fresh citrus juice with a touch of chili and local spices.

We got our culinary inspiration from the classic Peruvian ceviche, however, we have adapted our cooking methods, preparation, and change ingredients to create variations that make our dishes fun and unique.

Our name SEAVICHE is a play of words between SEA and CEVICHE. Just to make it fun and easy to pronounce. Seaviche is a new concept of food, something you have not seen anywhere else. We like to be different! We want to be known for our vast selection of creative and unique seaviches, among with other dishes that represent the freshness and flavors of Latin America.

seaviche catering service owner

Who is the chef and owner?

Angelo’s culinary passion began early on, inspired and motivated by his Italo-Argentinian parents and their love for traditional food. After graduating from Culinary School in Santiago of Chile at age 22, he started traveling the world and ended up specializing in Italy, learning from well-known traditional and heritage chefs.

He is a curious cook who was set to discover the world and worked as a chef in 7 different countries before establishing in Australia.

Australia and Angelo were a perfect match. Here he found great inspiration and all this amazing fresh seafood.

So, he decided to start his own business, and venture into offering something new.

What sets Seaviche apart?

We are rebels!

Why follow the rules when you can make new ones?
We are committed to continuously create new and exciting dishes, inspired by our Latin heritage. Consistency, excellence, and passion for what we do are key to deliver nothing but the best.

And FRESH, FRESH, FRESH…nothing but fresh ingredients here!

Our locally sourced ingredients are perfect for everyone.

latin american ceviche in australia gold coast

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