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Catering for Christmas parties

Christmas is one of those traditions that transcends, and just as we all have a special memory related to these dates, the next or the first, for you and many other people, could be your next Christmas event, where Seaviche offers you the most unforgettable service.

We can help you treat your family, your staff, your friends and yourself like kings, providing amazing catering for Christmas parties. Your guests will enjoy the most beautiful time of the year with our fresh and delicious food.

We offer a variety of gourmet finger food, canapés and small bites; it will be like receiving mini presents before Santa arrives.

Contact Seaviche Catering for your Christmas Parties in advance

There is only one Christmas season, and only one Seaviche chef. So if you want us to be there, better act quick… The same goes for any December date, contact us as soon as you can, so we can make a proper reservation.

Christmas catering gift boxes

Our caterers understand the importance of lunch and dinner events during this season. It is a time where you share quality time with your friends and family, staff and colleagues, purchase gift packages, and food… On such occasions when you prefer privacy, order a couple (or a bunch) of our gift boxes, with colorful canapés for a big or small Christmas reunion.

Pick your holiday favorites

We specialize in ceviche and sea food but our menu is wide and varied; so, you can choose what you like the most. And no matter what you pick; every single one of our small bites have such colors, textures and flavors, that every time you taste a new one, it will be a new surprise for your mouth…

Magical catering Christmas party with family and friends

Christmas is, of course, a big family holiday; we can provide an intimate catering service to help you get your mind out of the routine and stress; let us be the little elves working in the kitchen and serving you with magic canapés, sit back and relax, hearing Christmas carols, and stories.


chicken skewer catering menu for wedding or private parties and venues

Chicken skewer

Grilled lemon marinated chicken skewer served with tomato and capsicum

mushroom cup catering menu for wedding or private parties and venues

Mushroom cup

Roast mushroom cup, blue cheese cream, dried fruit, crumble cashew nuts and home made chili sauce

chili con carne nachos catering menu for markets festivals or private parties and venues

Nachos mini bowl

brisket beef, black beans, sour cream, guacamole and home made chili sauce served with corn chips in a small bowl.

vegie frittata catering menu for wedding or private parties and venues

Vegetarian Fritata

Roast potato, caramelised onion, sour cream and cracker bacon frittata (omelette style).

At Seaviche we provide food for all dietary requirements.

catering service gluten free

Gluten free

catering service vegan or vegetarian


catering service no dairy


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