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Corporate catering service

Your company is like your baby; you want it to grow healthy and prosperous; every achievement and goal is important, so when you celebrate those, you want the corporate catering service to be as professional as you, your employees, and your clients are. Seaviche is just the best course of action.

Our catering company offers the opportunity to enjoy a new experience; gourmet dishes and canapés from a beautiful mobile caravan with a fully equipped kitchen and everything needed to bring you a high quality service at the best price.

Our highly experienced chef and helpful staff members will be on-site delivering our fresh and original food; you won’t have to worry about it, once you hire Seaviche catering for corporate events.

Catch the big fish

If you want to close a deal, entertain your investors with our food, big fish and big whales like little fish… Conquer them with delicious ceviche appetizers.

Enjoy local fresh and healthy ingredients

For our catering company, it is very important to bring you creativity and high quality, and that starts at the market, we only buy the best ingredients, and we treat them carefully so when you taste them, it will be an amazing experience.

Corporate catering anywhere

¿Tired of being inside an office every day? ¿Do you want your corporate event in a new place, close to nature, but are you worried you won’t be able to feed the guests properly without a kitchen? Not anymore, Seaviche can provide catering service anywhere, thanks to our fully, equipped mobile caravan. Sit back and relax, we have you covered.

Safe and healthy food without stress

We can adapt to any dietary requirements, we are used to making gluten, nut, and dairy free dishes; you can even ask for a full vegan menu, it will taste delicious anyway, and your company won’t have to worry about any guest rejecting the food.


mushroom cup catering menu for wedding or private parties and venues

Mushroom cup

Roast mushroom cup, blue cheese cream, dried fruit, crumble cashew nuts and home made chili sauce

vegie frittata catering menu for wedding or private parties and venues

Vegetarian Fritata

Roast potato, caramelised onion, sour cream and cracker bacon frittata (omelette style).

patacon seaviche catering menu for wedding or private parties and venues


Deep fried green plantain topped with guacamole and sour cream

chicken skewer catering menu for wedding or private parties and venues

Chicken skewer

Grilled lemon marinated chicken skewer served with tomato and capsicum

At Seaviche we provide food for all dietary requirements.

catering service gluten free

Gluten free

catering service vegan or vegetarian


catering service no dairy


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