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Is there a special event coming up? Are you organizing a festival, concert, convention, or food market? You have found the jewel of the event; while most serve hot dogs and barbeque, we can offer something new, creative, different, fresh, crispy and from the hand of a professional gourmet chef, at the best price.

Contact us now to reserve our food truck during the event date, and you will see how many thank you for providing them with innovative and healthy options for all ages.

Latin American flavor and kindness Food truck

Not only our food has the highest quality and flavor, from the hand of an experienced Latin American Chef, our service and client attention also stand out, we offer our smiles for free, and as soon as you taste the food, you won´t be able to remove your smile from your face, Seaviche brings happiness, and that is exactly what you need to bring to a public event to call it successful!

Conscious food truck

We care about our planet, nature is a gift and we do our best to keep it clean; that is why all of our dishes are served in high quality, biodegradable disposables.

¿Where and when? Seaviche food truck can make it!

Our beautiful ceviche food truck is fully equipped with everything needed to serve hundreds of people in a long day or weekend event; we keep every ingredient fresh, up to the last minute; you can trust our professional catering service, even in the craziest and funniest festivals, markets and  concerts…


ceviche tostada catering menu for markets festivals or private parties and venues

Seaviche Tostada

Crunchy corn tortilla, capsicum, cucumber, corn, red onion, rocket, coriander, chili and citrus juice. (Prawns / Fish / Vegetarian)

ceviche with coconut catering menu for markets festivals or private parties and venues


Rice noodles, coconut cream, ginger, maple syrup, red onion, spring onion, rocket coriander, chili and citrus juice. (Prawns / Fish / Vegetarian)

At Seaviche we provide food for all dietary requirements.

catering service gluten free

Gluten free

catering service vegan or vegetarian


catering service no dairy


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