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Beautiful mobile retro caravan with a fully equipped kitchen to go everywhere!
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Private venues catering

Let us bring the party to you, even if your venue doesn’t have a kitchen. Our fully equipped mobile caravan gives us catering flexibility that most others can only dream of

Our always fresh and creative cuisine will take to you the flavors of Latin America anywhere…

Catering venues in the Gold Coast and beyond…

Choose the place you like for your catering event, no matter if it is near or far, Seaviche can go where you need us. Our food truck is fully equipped and can travel almost anywhere in the Gold Coast… Just book your date, make a reservation and relax.

Celebrate any private party and have fun with our catering service

We have seen many happy faces in our work; your guests will have so much fun picking up their favorite dishes from our caravan, the atmosphere when the party is outside and you can enjoy the sunlight. music and your family and friends laughs, only gets better while you enjoy the crispy and fresh dishes in our Seaviche menus, along with a cold bubbling beer or a sweet drink.

Catering menu safe for everyone

We provide you with the best possible catering for venues, and that includes taking care of any dietary requirement, to keep your guest safe and happy, just tell us if you need the dishes to be gluten free, dairy free, nut free, fully vegan, etc…, we will ensure every single ingredient is perfectly safe.

Creativity + delightful food

You won´t find or taste nothing like our Chef creations; his originality at mixing popular Latin American ingredients and recipes, can bring you to different countries in just one bite, don´t lose the opportunity to celebrate your party sharing this culinary attraction with the people you like the most.


ceviche tostada catering menu for markets festivals or private parties and venues

Seaviche Tostada

Crunchy corn tortilla, capsicum, cucumber, corn, red onion, rocket, coriander, chili and citrus juice. (Prawns / Fish / Vegetarian)

ceviche with coconut catering menu for markets festivals or private parties and venues


Rice noodles, coconut cream, ginger, maple syrup, red onion, spring onion, rocket coriander, chili and citrus juice. (Prawns / Fish / Vegetarian)

At Seaviche we provide food for all dietary requirements.

catering service gluten free

Gluten free

catering service vegan or vegetarian


catering service no dairy


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